Our strategy

We invest in high-growth, technology-driven companies: local champions and global challengers that can scale their technologies worldwide. We provide growth equity to build true market leaders. Our investments have clear exit strategies, culminating in superior returns to our investors.

Investment focus


Growth capital and buyout opportunities.


Financial infrastructure and payment processing, business and information technology/software-as-a-service, and consumer services.

Ticket size

$10-20M of equity capital, usually via minority stakes, with controlling stakes in some cases. We also build co-investment clubs to acquire concentrated stakes in target companies (up to $100M).

Exit strategy

Strategic sale, secondary sale, or IPO.

How we add value


We provide the perspicacious strategic advice to our portfolio companies by focusing on the sectors we know well.


We source additional management talent for our portfolio companies from our deep pool of worldwide contacts.

Corporate governance

We inculcate best corporate governance practices, such as timely and effective financial reporting and genuine interaction between boards and management.

Capital market and M&A advice

We connect portfolio companies with sources of additional financing, often by coinvesting in club deals, as well as M&A and public capital markets advisory.

International business development partnerships

We connect our portfolio companies with international partners, whether they potential customers, suppliers, or investors.

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