We have raised and actively manage two major funds with top global institutional investors as our partners.

Fund III

Da Vinci Emerging Technologies Fund III

The Fund is the third in a series of funds focusing on tech growth capital investments in emerging Europe and globally. This fund is focused on mid-market growth equity investments in the technology sector resilient to economic shocks.

Vehicle: Closed-end Guernsey limited partnership.

Industry focus: Financial services and infrastructure, Edtech, Ad and Mediatech, consumer services information technology and IT outsourcing, B2B and B2C solutions, digital transformation and related disruptive technologies.

Fund II

Da Vinci CIS Private Equity Fund II

Fund II is Da Vinci Capital’s second private equity fund. Fund II invests in high-growth companies in emerging Europe that generate global revenue. Fund II has generated returns throughout its life, and in 2020, Fund II achieved its first major exit.

Vehicle: Closed-end Guernsey limited partnership

Industry focus: Financial services and infrastructure, payment processing, business and IT outsourcing, consumer services

  • Financial infrastructure and payment processing Emerging Europe’s financial services, financial technology, and payment processing companies are some of the most attractive in the world, thanks to the region’s outstanding software engineering talent and low valuations compared to the rest of the world.

  • Business and IT services Emerging Europe countries have top-quality, competitively-priced, homegrown technical talent, which makes them attractive as a nerve centre for delivery business and IT services to global customers.

  • Consumer services Consumer spending is exploding in emerging Europe countries due to increasing wages. The new consumer class is likely to be an eager adopter of new e-commerce and other online services.

Fund I

Da Vinci CIS Private Sector Growth Fund

Fund I is Da Vinci Capital’s first private equity fund. Fund I invested in high-growth companies, achieving exits via strategic sales and IPOs on NYSE and elsewhere.

Vehicle: Closed-end Guernsey limited company

Industry focus: Financial services, IT, and consumer sectors

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