5 February 2021

ITI Group and ITI Capital (UK) announces new appointments

ITI Capital Group, an emerging markets-focused financial services, prime brokerage, today announced three new appointments.  New experts joined both the ITI Group and the ITI Capital (UK) team at the beginning of December.

John Barker rejoined our company on the 1st of December 2020 as Chairman of ITI Capital, the Group regulated UK broker dealer. 

John has a very broad and extensive experience working in various organisations as a Board Advisor and Non-Executive Director. One of the most significant roles include working as Board Advisor at Torstone Technology Limited, Phoenix Games Network Limited and The European Gaming League and Ancoa Software Limited.   at Percentile Limited provided to him a valuable experience as a Non-Executive Director. Having all this experience, knowledge and excellent competency we are sure that John will bring some crucial value to ITI Capital.

Nicholas Jordan joined ITI Group as a Non-Executive Director. He brings more than 30 years of experience working in senior positions in leading global financial institutions worldwide. One of most remarkable experiences he brings is being a Member of the Board of 4Finance and Chairman of the ALCO committee   Earlier Nicholas held senior executive positions including Co-CEO of Goldman Sachs in Russia (until 2015) and prior to this he was the CEO of UBS, Russia & CIS. Prior to UBS he was employed at Deutsche Bank for 10 years.

Also ITI Group gained one more extremely skilled Non-Executive Director. Patrick Martin also joined ITI Group in December 2020. Patrick is a highly experienced non-executive director, board advisor and entrepreneur with a track record of enabling rapid growth for companies.  Prior to joining ITI Group he was a non-executive director at Afinos, Gravity Energy AG and in PPRO financial, where he prepared the company to navigate the uncertainty of Brexit.  Patrick brings  a deep knowledge of the technology, fintech, media and entertainment sectors. He is equipped with comprehensive business development, strategic and operational leadership, governance and corporate finance expertise generated through establishing and leading highly successful businesses. 

John, Nicholas and Patrick join Dennis Fulling and Oleg Jelezko, Managing Directors’ from  DaVinci Capital as ITI Group directors.  DaVinci Capital are the majority shareholders in ITI Group and have set ambitious plans to build the business towards a $1b+ exit over the next few years.   Oleg commented, “We are happy to welcome our new board members who will strengthen ITI Group governance and commercial teams,” said Oleg Jelezko, who is also Chairman of the Board of ITI Group.“I am certain they will help our business achieve our ambitious goals and accelerate ITI Capital's journey to the top of the global financial services companies”.

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